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Workshop in IT Audit in Financial Technology (FinTech)

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who would like to understand what is IT Audit, how IT Audit applied in FinTech areas, and the IT Audit industries
  • Preferably Bachelor or Master Degree graduated : Because it will include some business and IT knowledge and logic; English terms; the topics will integrate few professional areas.
  • Willing to learn new things which never happened / Willing to learn “out of the box” : Because the topics will integrate few professional areas and/or not be generally happened everywhere, which means content may be “new” for general people. Also, FinTech will become more innovative and dynamic, many new things will need to learn.

Speaker Profile

Mr. Wilson Cheng has 9 years experience from different large-scale companies including DBS Bank, HSBC, Fubon Bank, Sun Life, AIA etc. Worked as project managers, business analyst, system quality assurance specialist in FinTech areas on retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking, life insurance, governance and control, technical and business change management, IT project management etc.

  • Experienced in regional and Hong Kong financial technology, digital and business transformation
  • Certificated in Project Management, IT Service Management, and Information Security
  • Graduated with BBA (Hons) in Information Systems and e-Business Management, BBA (Hons) in Marketing
  • Professional education in IT and FinTech

# CPD credit is 2 hours

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# 不接受EPS,信用卡付款,請親身前往校務處以現金 / 支票 方式繳費報名 ; 或 以銀行戶口轉賬繳款方式辦理報名手續 


# CPD seminar series
20/7 : Workshop in Financial Technology (FinTech)



Workshop in IT Audit in Financial Technology (FinTech)
The attendees who will learn the fundamental understanding of:

  • Concept between Accounting Auditor and IT Auditor
  • IT governance, controls, applications auditing, systems development, change management etc.
  •  Roles on IT audit in FinTech with an organization
  • IT audit job requirements, industry trend and salary research
  • The way to enter into IT audit areas and industries
  • IT audit in FinTech trends in the future
Mr. Wilson Cheng
HKD$ 280
6 July 2021 (Tue) (Cancel)
19:00 – 21:00
81 Austin Road