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ACCA Professional CPD Workshop : Certificate in Big Data and Data Analytics


What’s The ACCA Certificate in Data Analytics (CertDA)
Business owners, taxpayers and decision-makers are in URGENT need of the insights hidden in their numbers. ACCA’s Certificate in Data Analytics can upskill yourself because today’s fast-paced world demands faster response to investment decisions or opportunities!

  • Completely online
  • 4 CPD hours with ACCA certificate
  • Assessment for training
  • GBP£90 offered in ACCA Website

More details about ACCA Certificate in Data Analytics

What Can We Provide

  • Great Training for CertDA Assessment
  • 9 CPD hours from HKSC

1: The CRISP framework for data analytics
2: Big data and data analytics
3: Sources of data
4: Types of analytics
5: Data analytics methodologies
6: Mainstream tools and key applications of data analytics
7: Data visualisation and communication
8: Scepticism in data analytics
9: Ethical considerations in the use of data
10: End of units data analysis activity

Workshop :  HK$1000
After completion of the workshop, students can enjoy the discounted fee of ACCA’s CertDA – HKD$800 instead of GBP£90

9 CPD Hours

Who Should Attend
Basic knowledge of numeracy and possibly statistics are not necessary, the workshop is intended for those employed in, or aspiring to work in, a wide range of accounting and finance related roles.  Other business functions such as general administration, sales and marketing, procurement or production/engineering, also are suitable for this workshop.



課程編號 開課日期 上課日期 時間 地點
22102175A6 12/2/2022 星期六 2:30pm – 5:30pm 柯士甸道81號



Class Selection

工作坊, 組合 ( 連ACCA's CertDA)