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Module 13 – Business Assurance (MC)


New structure of QP Courses are now released! 
* The course is divided by two parts : Knowledge (27hours) & Revision (18hours)
** First 36 hours is video class, student can recap the contents at any date and time.
***Final 9 hours is Face to Face / ZOOM class, focus on interaction between students and tutor.
**** Face to Face Class could be altered to ZOOM live class based on specific circumstance  

Course Contents:

– Internal Assurance
– Professional Standards and Guidance
– Assurance Engagement
– Corporate Governance
– Other Audit Matters
– Computerized Business Systems

Lecturer: Vincent Ho

Knowledge Schedule (27 Hours) :
Unlimited assess during 7 Sep 2022 to 15 Nov 2022

Revision (18 Hours):
16/11/2022, 23/11/2022, 30/11/2022

Time :
Anytime for Video Classes
7:00pm-10:00pm for Face to Face Classes

Fee :
Knowledge+Revision Package – $4500
Knowledge – $2970
Revision – $1980


班別 課程編號 開課日期 上課日期 時間 地點
K+R 22209463AK+R  Mix (Wednesday for Face to Face Classes) 7:00pm-10:00pm 柯士甸道81號
Knowledge 22209463A Any Date 7:00pm-10:00pm 柯士甸道81號
Revision 22209463RA Mix (Wednesday for Face to Face Classes) 7:00pm-10:00pm 柯士甸道81號





K+R, Knowledge, Revision