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ACCA Professional CPD Workshop Certificate in Big Data and Data Analytics


What’s The ACCA Certificate in Data Analytics (CertDA)
Data Analytics is the top career path for you to serve leading employers to drive
more accurate decision making  ! Business owners, taxpayers and decision-makers are in URGENT need of the
insights hidden in their numbers. ACCA’s Certificate in Data Analytics can upskill yourself because today’s fast-paced world
demands faster response to investment decisions or opportunities!

  • Completely online
  • 4 CPD hours with ACCA certificate
  • Assessment for training

More details about ACCA Certificate in Data Analytics

What Can We Provide

  • Great Training for CertDA Assessment
  • 9 CPD hours from HKSC

1: The CRISP framework for data analytics
2: Big data and data analytics
3: Sources of data
4: Types of analytics
5: Data analytics methodologies
6: Mainstream tools and key applications of data analytics
7: Data visualisation and communication
8: Scepticism in data analytics
9: Ethical considerations in the use of data
10: End of units data analysis activity

Workshop :  HK$900
Assessment and Certificate (ACCA members (60 GBP) /  Non-ACCA members (90 GBP) , paid by the students themselves directly to ACCA)

9 CPD Hours

Who Should Attend
Basic knowledge of numeracy and possibly statistics are not necessary, the workshop is intended for those employed in, or aspiring to work in, a wide range of accounting and finance related roles.  Other business functions such as general administration, sales and marketing, procurement or production/engineering, also are suitable for this workshop.

Please make the online booking if you are interested.


Programme ID Date of Commencement Date of Course Time Venue
22102175A6 12/2/2022 Saturday 2:30pm – 5:30pm 81 Austin Road


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Package ( Included ACCA's CertDA ), Workshop Only