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Practical Company Secretarial Practice



Course Content:

Lecture 1
Types of organizations and Incorporation of a company
– Types of business organizations
– Types of companies
– Promotion and incorporation of Companies

Lecture 2
Types of shares
– Classes of shares
– Allotment of shares
– Share transfer and transmission of shares

Lecture 3
Duties and Powers of directors and company secretaries
– Duties
– Appointment, resignation and removal of directors
– Appointment, resignation of company secretaries

Lecture 4
Law of Meetings
– Types of company meetings
– Procedures for convening board and general meetings

Lecture 5
Annual Return, Annual General Meeting, Dormant Company
– Annual General Meeting and Annual Return
– Dormant company procedures
Deregistration and Registration of Non-Hong Kong Company
– Deregistration
– Registration of non-Hong Kong Companies
– Reporting requirements

* Sample forms with practical case studies will be given and discussed.

.Precise Lecture notes will be provided for free
.Certificate will be granted to those who have attended 75%, and application fee is HK$50.

Total 5 Lectures Fee : $1,500

Total 5 Lectures Duration : 15 Hours




Programme ID Date of Commencement Date of Course Time Venue
22311159A2 22/11/2023 Wednesday 7:00pm – 10:00pm 81 Austin Road

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