Practical China Taxation Applications Course


Course content:

This course is a practical and professional tax course delivered on the basis of taxation principles. It teaches the present taxation system in China and the legal requirements of different types of tax.
Students who complete the course should have a good understanding of the methods of calculation of different types of tax and the filing of tax returns. The course helps students pave the way for developing business opportunities in China.

The course consists of eleven topics:
1. Introduction to the Chinese tax system
2. Value added tax
3. Consumption tax
4. Tariff
5. Resource tax
6. Urban Land Use Tax Law
7. Property Tax Law
8. Land Value Added Tax Law
9. Corporate income tax
10. Personal income tax
11. International taxation

.Entry requirement: Anyone who is interested in China Taxation.
.Certificate will be granted to those who have attended 75%, and application fee is HK$50.

Fees: $2,000 (Full Payment)
Duration: 24 Hours


No new classes are provided at the moment.

Programme ID Date of Commencement Date of Course Time Venue
22002155A Saturday 2:30pm – 5:30pm 81 Austin Road

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