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Practical Accounting Application Course


Course Content:
Our accounting course must help you to take all the hassle out of learning Accounting. We offer comprehensive practical accounting courses – through analyzing different real-life examples, we equip students with industry relevant knowledge along with the necessary techniques for solving problems in the accounting process. Studying our courses to build a solid base in Accounting , and boost your career!

.Precise Lecture notes will be provided for free
.Certificate will be granted to those who have attended 75%, and application fee is HK$50.

課程大綱 :

1. 會計行業簡介、部門功能
2. 設定會計科目表(Chart of accounts)技巧
3. 會計憑證(Accounting vouchers)的分類、處理及流程
4. 實務會計交易日記帳(Journal transactions),例如:
甲、信用狀(Letter of credit)交易
乙、發票貼現(Factoring) 交易
丙、處理薪酬(Payroll) 交易
丁、期初/期末存貨調整(Opening/closing inventory adjustment)交易
5. 編製財務報表(Financial statements)
6. 處理薪酬(Payroll processing)及計算強積金(MPF computation)
7. 整理會計目明細表(Account breakdown analysis)配合審計師要求
8. 認識試算表(Spreadsheet)及會計軟件(Accounting software)
9. 認識僱主填報的薪酬及退休金報稅表
10. 認識薪俸稅(Salaries tax)及個人入息課稅報稅表(Individual tax return)
11. 認識利得稅計算表(Profits tax computation)
12. 提交利得稅報稅表(Profits tax return)限期
13. 認識周年申報表(Annual return)

Entry Requirement: Holder of “Certificate in LCCI (Level 1) Bookkeeping”, or equivalent
Fees: $1,500
Duration: 21 Hours


Programme ID Date of Commencement Date of Course Time Venue
22305151A 23/6/2023 Friday 7:00pm – 10:00pm 81 Austin Road


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