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Internet Commerce Certificate in E-Payment, Cryptocurrency and Virtual Banks on FinTech


Introduction to the Programme

The programme can enrich the learners, especially for business accounting students, to understand the recent development on electronic commerce.  Various electronic payment methods from several authorized providers in Hong Kong and worldwide financial institutions are entered to the market, meanwhile, the trends and mechanisms of cryptocurrency and virtual banking are vital towards the changes in accounting and banking industries.

Market Analysis

Expanding internet banking and internet shopping have significantly pushed the use of electronic payment system. With increasing development in technology, the rise in e-payment system is inevitable with even better security, convenience and speed. There are various types of payment modes, to name a few, credit cards, e-wallets, international debit cards and bank transfers.  A cryptocurrency is a fully decentralized, secure, digital currency whose creation is controlled by cryptography. Cryptocurrencies are not issued by central banks and their value does not depend on bank policies.

Aims and Objectives

  •  Recent Development of Internet Commerce and Virtual Banks
  • Business Models of E-commerce
  • Practical Uses on E-Payment and related applications
  • Trends of Cryptocurrency and Fintech Policies
  • Projects and Successful Cases on Businesses, Accounting and Banking Industries

Tuition fee : HK$1800

Duration : 15 hours, 5 weeks in total

Award : A Certificate will be granted to those who have attended 75% and successfully passed the internal exam.

Lecturer : Dr KAnny CHIU
completed a FinTech, e-Payment and Innovation executive program at University of Oxford, U.K.
香港互聯網及電子商務發展協會 HKIECA – 副會長 ; 國際市場推廣及投資協會 IMAIA – 創辦人 ; 香港物聯網商會 IOTHK – 理事; 域名王 – 創辦人 ; We Help You Group Limited – Co-founder ; UDomain – Marketing Consultant  ; Wiley – Technica Writer ; 創新科技署 VTC (再工業化及科技培訓計劃) – Technical Expert ; 工業貿易署 SUCCESS電子商貿及資訊科技 – 顧問 ; 僱員再培訓局 ERB – 註冊導師 ; 深港 STEM 教育課程委員會 – 創會委員 ; 香港學術及藝術協會 – 創會會長 ; 香港城市大學專業進修學院(市場營銷及網上推廣) – 學術統籌 ; 各大學、大專院校、專業團體 – 客席講師/ /課程設計員

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