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Certificate in English for Job Interviews (Part-time)

To develop trainees’ English listening and speaking skills to participate in oral interactions of increasing length and express in increasingly complex language.

Completion of Form Six; or
Completion of Form Five with at least two years’ working experience; or
Completion of QF Level Two courses in English language with total duration no less than 150 hours; or
Pass the entry test

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If you are interested, please make reservation online or call 3114 8711 for enquiries.

Programme ID Date of Commencement Date of Course Time Venue
HE018ER 17/2/2024 Saturday 2:00pm -5:45pm Kowloon Campus



僱員再培訓局的通用技能課程及技能提升課程學費,乃根據學員獲編班時的收入狀況來釐定,並須提交課程開班日三個月內的入息文件以茲證明。而學費類別主要分為下列三種情況: 申請豁免繳費資格(失業人士(包括待業及失學)及低收入人士(每月入息*為$12,500或以下),申請高額資助學費資格(每月入息*為$12,501-$20,000的人士) ,需繳交一般資助學費(每月入息*為$20,001或以上的人士) *入息是指從工作(包括受僱及自僱)中所賺取的工資及薪金﹑經營業務所得的淨收益及每月所得長俸。受僱及自僱的入息包括底薪﹑逾時工作收入﹑花紅﹑佣金及津貼等,扣除法定的5%僱員強積金/公積金供款。而花紅﹑雙糧及約滿酬金等類似性質的收入,應以相關工作時段來平均計算。

查詢熱線: 3114 8711
學費 : $2250(一般資助)/$675(高額資助)/全免(豁免繳費)
時數 :30小時

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