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ACCA March 2023 Computer Base Examination Enrollment Details Updates (BT, MA, FA, LW)

Exam Date : 18 March 2023 (Saturday)
Exam Time : 14:30-16:30
Deadline for Application : 13 March 2023

1. Candidates must register as ACCA students before examination.

2. Please refer to the relevant examination timetable for the examination time and venue. Registration for exams is on a first-come-first-serve basis and will be subject to availability.

3. Examination fees are not refundable and transferable.

4. Please make sure that you choose the correct exam paper and no student can change the examination subjects and date after registration for examinations.

5. Students are not allowed to participate in the examinations if late for 30 minutes.

6. Hong Kong School of Commerce reserves the right for cancel or rescheduling the date & time of the examination.

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「Great Changes on Sixtieth Anniversary ,New Website is now live!」

3 Nov 2018 Latest News

Hong Kong School of Commerce has a teaching experience spanning around 60 years. With a mission of nurturing all round professionals, we are currently offering more and more courses for students with different types of intelligence.

A new website with an innovative interface is launched today! It provides the community a comprehensive range of course-related information, with service clusters and e-payment system for convenient public access!