「Great Changes on Sixtieth Anniversary ,New Website is now live!」

Hong Kong School of Commerce has a teaching experience spanning around 60 years. With a mission of nurturing all round professionals, we are currently offering more and more courses for students with different types of intelligence.

A new website with an innovative interface is launched today! It provides the community a comprehensive range of course-related information, with service clusters and e-payment system for convenient public access!


Past Seminars and Events

25 Jun 2018 未分類

客觀看金融專題講座及課程諮詢日@12 Jun

BSc (Hons) International Accounting Briefing Session@3 Jun

與袁博士對談時刻 : 轉工是時候嗎?@17 Apr

LCCI seminar 2019@4 Apr

Real Estate Agency Industry Seminar@15Mar

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Seminar@8 Mar

Trendy Workshop Series@24Nov

China Individual Income Tax Update Seminar@17 Nov

Manicure & Makeup Workshop for Fall Winter@27Oct


Top-up degree seminar@16Aug18

ACCA Seminar@9Aug2018

HKSC Study Path Seminar

Workplace English Seminar

Working Holiday In Queenslands’ Seminar

Fintech Seminar

ERB Financial Planner Consulting Day