According to the press releases of the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (“the ICAC”) dated 21st January 2020, the assistant principal and a former employee of our School have been charged with conspiracy to defraud the Employees Retraining Board (“the ERB”) of funding by falsifying the attendance records of course participants (“the Incident”).  Our School would like to make the following statements in respect of the Incident :

  1. Our School are not aware of the Incident and do not have any knowledge of the same.
  2. Our School have already suspended the employment of the relevant person.
  3. Our School shall exercise best endeavour to assist the relevant authority, including the ICAC, to investigate the Incident.
  4. Our School reiterate that we have observed and complied with the guidelines set out by the ERB in applying for the ERB’s funding.  Our School shall ensure that the ERB’s guidelines will be observed and complied with in any future application for funding.
  5. In view of the ongoing legal proceedings, it is not appropriate for our School to make any further comment on the Incident, lest affecting the conduct of the legal proceedings concerned.
  6. Our School apologize for any inconvenience being caused by the Incident.

Hong Kong School of Commerce

22nd January 2020