Students who register for LCCI bookkeeping, accounting and cost-accounting exams through our school and achieve outstanding results are eligible for scholarships. Those who fail can re-take the course at half cost. Details are as follows: (The above arrangements are not applicable to MYOB courses.)

Application for scholarship: (Students must pass the relevant subject in the internal school exam to be eligible)

  • Students who obtain a distinction can apply for a scholarship. (Elementary: $200; Intermediate: $300; Higher: $400)
  • The scholarship can only be used for fee deduction in courses offered by this school. (Not applicable to revision courses or diploma programmes)
  • For each course a student can apply for a scholarship once. (Students should apply within three months.)
  • The scholarship can be used within a year.

Application for retaking a course at half fee

  • Students who fail in the external exam can apply to retake the same course. (Not applicable to students who were absent from internal exam.)
  • For each course students can only apply to retake once. (Students must apply within three months of release of exam results.)

Points to note for application of scholarship/half-fee retake:

  • Students must show their student card/fee receipt and the original copy of LCCI.
  • Students must apply to retake the course/apply for the scholarship within the specified date; otherwise they will not enjoy the offer.
  • The school retains the right to amend the details of the offer. Should any controversy arise the school reserves the right to make the final decision.