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Founded in 1959, Hong Kong School of Commerce has a teaching presence spanning over six decades in Hong Kong. Our individual premises in Tsim Sha Tsui is registered with the Education and Manpower Bureau. We have been committed to nurturing commercial, accounting, education, IT and secretarial professionals, who are constantly in great demand in Hong Kong.We also run enhancement and bridging programmes which cater for the needs of graduates under the ‘3-3-4’ academic structure.

This website provides information on programmes offered at HKSC. Mainly Offered on a part-time basis, our programmes include accounting, commercial studies, business management, English language, Education Skills and information technology. They are designed to help you acquire professional and academic qualifications which are requisite for your success in your future career and studies.

Principal—Ms Lindy Yau


Ms Lindy Yau, a Certified Public Accountant and Principal of our school, devotes herself to nurturing commercial, accounting, IT and secretarial talents. She is committed to strengthening students’ language ability and commercial knowledge so as to equip them for the job market. She also places heavy emphasis on helping students earn world-recognised professional qualifications and on providing more progression pathways for them.

A practising accountant with teaching experience, Ms Yau is the author of several accounting textbooks, including:

Frank Wood’s Business Accounting (Hong Kong Edition, Longman)
Frank Wood’s Principles of Accounting (Longman)
LCCI Third Level Accounting Exam Practice (Longman)

Chairman of School Management Board—Mr Joseph Yau


Mr Joseph Yau has more than 20 years’ experience in public service. He has worked as Chairperson and as a committee member in various professional bodies and non-governmental organizations. He is also the registered School Director of Hong Kong School of Commerce. With his long years of experience in the accounting field and the social network he has established through these years, Mr Yau not only facilitates communication between our school and various professional bodies, but also makes strategic decisions to ensure that our programmes match the needs of society and are in tandem with new trends and developments in the commercial field.

In addition, Mr Yau is the Executive Director of CK Yau & Partners CPA Limited. He is an expert in mergers, acquisitions, shareholders’ disputes and tax planning, and is widely recognized as an experienced professional consultant in the field.

Sixty Years Milestones

School Spirit

We demand very high standards of behavior and discipline from our students. Our teachers, who are chosen after a rigorous selection process, all have master’s and/or bachelor’s degrees from local or prestigious overseas universities, and many of them possess professional qualifications as well. In addition to this we constantly upgrade our teaching equipment. Learners can therefore be assured of receiving quality education at HKSC.

School Courses

To meet the increasingly demanding requirements that society has on employees, our school offers various types of  diploma courses. Apart from major subjects, our courses incorporate additional subjects including information technology, business communication, languages, China trade, international trade, logistics, etc. We aim to nurture commercial talents with all-round skills, and to enhance our students’ competitiveness.

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