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ERB Programme

The Employees Retraining Board (ERB) is an independent statutory body established in 1992 under the Employees Retraining Ordinance. The ERB co-ordinates, funds and monitors training courses …………

Arboriculture Course
  • Basic knowledge in tree care and tree management
  • Training in tree risk assessment and mitigation measures………………..

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We demand very high standards of behavior and discipline from our students. Our teachers, who are chosen after a rigorous selection process, all have master’s and/or bachelor’s degrees from local or prestigious overseas universities, and many of them possess professional qualifications as well. In addition to this we constantly upgrade our teaching equipment. Learners can therefore be assured of receiving quality education at HKSC.

2008年畢業生 冼嘉樂


2006年班畢業生 唐偉華


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