ACCA August 2023 Computer Base Examination Enrollment Details Updates (BT, MA, FA, LW)

Exam Date : 21 October 2023 (Saturday)Exam Time : 14:30-16:30Deadline for Application : 16 October 2023 1. Candidates must register as ACCA students before examination. 2. Please refer to the relevant examination timetable for the examination time and venue. Registration for exams is on a first-come-first-serve basis and will be subject to availability. 3. Examination fees […]

「Great Changes on Sixtieth Anniversary ,New Website is now live!」

Hong Kong School of Commerce has a teaching experience spanning around 60 years. With a mission of nurturing all round professionals, we are currently offering more and more courses for students with different types of intelligence. A new website with an innovative interface is launched today! It provides the community a comprehensive range of course-related […]

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客觀看金融專題講座及課程諮詢日@12 Jun BSc (Hons) International Accounting Briefing Session@3 Jun 與袁博士對談時刻 : 轉工是時候嗎?@17 Apr LCCI seminar 2019@4 Apr Real Estate Agency Industry Seminar@15Mar Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Seminar@8 Mar Trendy Workshop Series@24Nov China Individual Income Tax Update Seminar@17 Nov Manicure & Makeup Workshop for Fall Winter@27Oct 【網紅KOL社交渠道宣傳秘技】@9Sept18 Top-up degree seminar@16Aug18 ACCA Seminar@9Aug2018 HKSC Study Path Seminar Workplace […]

公餘進修各級會計課程 @ Jump 24Jan18

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We demand very high standards of behavior and discipline from our students. Our teachers, who are chosen after a rigorous selection process, all have master’s and/or bachelor’s degrees from local or prestigious overseas universities, and many of them possess professional qualifications as well. In addition to this we constantly upgrade our teaching equipment. Learners can therefore be assured of receiving quality education at HKSC.

2008年畢業生 冼嘉樂

轉瞬間,我離開商專已經有一年多了,我是畢業於二零零八年,修讀兩年制專業會計文憑課程的學生,現於香港城市大學 修讀海外大學銜接學位課程,主修會計學。

2006年班畢業生 唐偉華

還記得當年中五畢業的我,會考成績未如理想,到處面試也沒有容身之所,幸好數天後我在街上接過母校的課程小冊子,我便決心前來修讀會計文憑課程了。 畢業後,我一邊從事核數工作,一邊修讀學位課程。我曾於四家規模較小的會計師事務所工作,並把從前在商專所學應用在工作上,然而,為了擴闊自己的學術視野,我決心重返校園進修,全情投入學習,讓我培養出閱讀的習慣及個人之耐性。 在此,希望各位同學謹記,「光陰似箭」,希望你們努力讀書,不要辜負邱校長及各位老師對大家的期望!

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